Together, Somos Votantes and Somos PAC built and ran the largest independent Latino engagement programs in the country.

Here at Somos, we celebrate the accomplishments of our community that light the way to a brighter future for all working families, including hardworking Latinos.

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After turning out a record-breaking number of hardworking Latino voters in 2020 to deliver a win for President Biden, Somos continued its pivotal work in 2022 by helping to defend the U.S. Senate in battleground states. Our mobilization and persuasion work led to the re-election of influential Senators like Mark Kelly in Arizona and Catherine Cortez-Masto in Nevada.

Somos’ efforts also helped secure major wins in down-ballot races across the country, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Secretary of State Francisco “Cisco” Aguilar in Nevada.

Our work garnered national attention, leading to over 50 press hits in major publications, including the Washington Post, FiveThirtyEight, Time, NBC News, CNN, Univision, The Hill, Mother Jones, and Politico.

Somos also led and implemented the Winning Jobs Narrative Project, a working people-centered narrative architecture for talking about jobs, work, and the economy across race, geography and issues.

Together, Somos Votantes and Somos PAC invested over $23 million across 11 states, including key battleground states, resulting in:

1.9 million door knock attempts

Over $300k invested in Spanish language radio

Over 80 community organizing events

Over 146 million impressions on GOTV and persuasion paid digital ads

Over 2.2 million pieces of mail

375,000 live phone calls to voters

More than $2.6 million invested in English and Spanish Language TV

Biggest independent contributor of real time, qualitative data on Latino voters (feedback loop).

During in-depth conversations with Latinos at their doors, in their communities, and at their places of business:
• Collected over 5,000 qualitative anecdotes about their experiences, personal stories, and their feedback on the issues they care about most
• Including over 1,900 (1,300 photos/600 videos) digital testimonials

Visited over 4,600 businesses in Latino communities where Somos had almost 7,000 conversations with community members and put up interactive collateral in almost 2,000 locations for businesses to distribute to customers.

Learn more about the work Somos Votantes and Somos PAC did to educate and mobilize Latino voters in 2022.
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In 2021, we sought to accomplish two goals:

Engage Latino communities early on issues that matter.

Highlight work the Biden administration and the Democratic Party have done to support our communities.

What we’ve done to empower our Latino voters in key states:

Listening Canvass Program

Latinos vote when they understand that elections matter and their votes could make the difference! We believe it’s crucial for us to be talking to Latino voters early and often about the issues that affect them and their community. Not only to educate them -- but to learn from them!

Launching Fall 2021

American Rescue Plan Initiative

At the start of 2021, Somos Votantes launched the American Rescue Plan Campaign to help educate voters about the American Rescue Plan which aimed to bring prosperity, jobs, and hope into the Latino community across the country! In addition, Somos PAC leaned in on highlighting how Democrats were fighting to bring these policies to their communities!

This initiative reached 414,000 people, had over 1.4 million impressions and had 2500 clicks across Facebook and Youtube targeting Latino voters in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida.

Get It Done Video Links

American Jobs Plan

Across Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and search ads, we experimented with targeted gifs and videos to support the passage of the American Jobs Plan across the country. Our efforts, in partnership with influencers, reached over 793,000 views and over 102,000 engagements.

American Jobs Plan Videos


2020 was the Inaugural Program Year for Somos Votantes and Somos PAC — and we built and ran the largest independent Latino voter program in the country!

Collectively, Somos Votantes and Somos PAC invested over $33 million across 9 battleground states.

In the midst of a global pandemic and one of the most consequential elections in U.S. history we showed up and won by turning out a record-breaking number of Latino voters. 

Latinos were key to victory in battleground states

2020 was a record-breaking year for Latino turnout across the country. President Joe Biden won ~70% of the Latino Vote nationally. An estimated 1.4 Million Latinos voted in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin with President Biden winning more than 980,000 of those votes — giving him a margin of 40 points over Trump.

Early Voting Programs Worked

The Latino early vote alone came in at more than 8.6 million ballots compared to 3.7 million in 2016.

Pennsylvania saw an 840% increase in early voting.

North Carolina saw a 148% increase in early voting.

Florida saw an increase of 133% in early voting

Arizona saw an increase of 124% in early voting

70% - 90% supported President Biden in precincts with high Latino density.

In Arizona where President Biden won by 10,000 votes he netted 160,000 votes over Trump in the Maricopa county’s Latino community alone.

Nevada saw an increase of 147% in early voting

In Nevada, President Biden won the election by 33,000 votes, Latinos contributed a net new 89,300 new votes to the President’s victory.

Statewide there was 68% support for President Biden compared to 30% support for Trump. 

Wisconsin saw almost 80% supported Biden in precincts with high Latino density.

Investment in Women and Young Voters Worked

More than 1.7 million young Latinos (ages 18-29) voted early, an increase of 313 percent from 2016. Women voted for President Biden by about a 50 point margin.

Across 9 battleground states, Somos PAC invested $23 million in direct voter contact.

In Arizona and Florida, we were one of the earliest field programs to kick off. Leading up to Election Day, our canvassers knocked on over 1.7 million doors.

We sent over 7 million pieces of mail throughout North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Our volunteers called and texted 4.2 million voters in key battleground states like Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina.

We produced Spanish-language radio and TV ads all across Arizona, Florida, and Nevada. In Florida, through our TV ads, we featured Cuban-American voters from Miami voicing their support for Joe Biden as President.

Across the country, in partnership with allied organizations, Somos PAC helped elect hundreds of Democratic candidates up and down the ballot and advance Democratic issues like a $15 minimum wage in Florida. 

We know that increasing Latino voting power means turning out a new generation of voters. See what we’ve done to mobilize new voters of color in key states to help secure Democratic victories in 2020: 


Somos Votantes and Somos PAC reached out to 214,013 low propensity Latino voters in 2020. Of these 214,013 voters 58% did not vote in the 2016 general election -- by working hard to mobilize and persuade these voters we helped turnout 124,097 new voters. 


Somos Votantes and Somos PAC reached out to 181,151 low propensity Latino voters in 2020. Of these 181,151 voters, 75% did not vote in 2016 -- meaning we helped turnout 135, 863 new voters in 2020, which helped seal the deal for Joe Biden and Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.


Somos Votantes and Somos PAC reached out to over 94, 844 low propensity Latino voters. Of these 94,844 voters 71, 112 of them did not vote in 2016 -- meaning our efforts led 71, 133 new voters to the polls in 2020, which helped seal the deal for Joe Biden and Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.