Our values are simple. At Somos we believe in:

The power of Latino voters

The strength of working families, including hardworking Latinos

The potential of Latino communities to shape the future of our democracy

Somos Votantes is an embodiment of the power of the Latino community , both individually and collectively.

We aim to empower hardworking Latinos year-round by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to participate in our nation’s democracy by taking action in their communities.

We are an organization that answers the question:

 "As a member of the Latino community, how can I influence my family to vote?” 

Our mission is to increase participation in our democracy and provide Latinos with tactical ways they can participate in shaping the future of American politics. For decades, Latino voters have been overlooked and taken for granted. Not anymore. We are empowering the next generations of heroes in our community.

Through advocacy, voting, and community engagement we can become a reflection of our working democracy in action.

As children, we often associate our parents to be superheroes. They are the ones who wear the brave face while working tirelessly to provide for us. Our founder, Melissa Morales, saw the humanity in her heroes firsthand. 

We all have the opportunity to be heroes in our community. Somos Votantes and Somos PAC are working together to empower the next generation of Latino voters across the country. Too much is at stake for us all not to participate in. Be the hero in your community, become a voter today

Our Founder and President's Story

Melissa grew up with the perception that her family was cursed with bad luck. Melissa was left at home with her mother once her father was sent to prison at an early stage of her childhood. Making ends meet seemed nearly impossible. Despite working several jobs, there never seemed to be enough to go around. Sacrifice was normal in her household. With the intention to end the generational curses, Melissa decided to pursue a college education and eventually attend law school.

Soon into her education, she was able to confirm the generational curse existed; not only within her community but several others. She saw how minorities and underrepresented individuals were stuck in a system not designed for their success. In fact, it seemed their failure was intentionally placed so other communities could continue to thrive. It wasn't bad luck she had seen in her home after all. It was a cumulation of bad systems and bad politicians. She witnessed the direct results of their legislation impact her household.

For Melissa the only way to change that was to get involved. She recognized the power of a vote. By voting better politicians into office, communities could see improvement and betterment. With this vision, the Somos Votantes mission was born.

At Somos our core objective is to answer: “How do I help people like my own family to vote?”

“We’re a hard-working family in mid-America. My dad works the night shift right now - 4 pm to after midnight most days. He’s exhausted when he gets home. His biggest concern is making sure his family is taken care of. And there are so many roadblocks that come up: bills, rent, healthcare costs, medical bills, the grandkids’ needs. So the big question that Somos is trying to answer is HOW are we cutting through all the political noise to reach families like mine -- and EMPOWER our community to vote and change our own communities for the better”