Press Release

March 29, 2023


Latino Working Families Push for More Opportunities to Build a Good Life, Keep Nevada Going as part of Latino Lobby Day

Nearly 100 Latinos from across the state descended on the Nevada State Legislature in support of bills that will benefit all Nevadans, including Latinos

CARSON CITY, NV – On Wednesday, March 29th, dozens of hardworking Latino families from across the state descended on the Nevada State Legislature, as part of Latino Lobby Day, to push for more opportunities to build a good life and to keep Nevada going. The legislative priorities included expanding access to public lands, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare, including immigrants, removing barriers that prevent many hardworking Nevadans from accessing housing and educational opportunities, among others.


“The wellbeing of Nevada depends on the wellbeing of hardworking Latinos,” said Cecia Alvarado, Nevada Executive Director for Somos Votantes. “Latino Lobby Day is a tradition and a symbol of our working democracy in action where hardworking Latinos like us get to shine a spotlight on both the barriers that are holding us back and the solutions that can propel us toward a better future. We are incredibly thankful to all our sponsors and partners for helping to make this day happen. Our work is far from over, we will continue fighting to ensure our community has the tools and opportunities they need to build a good life.”


Nevada’s Latino working families are driving our state’s growth and are helping to shape the future of our state. Latinos are a growing political force in Nevada, nearly 30% of Nevadans are Latinos and nearly 20% of Nevada’s electorate are Latinos. 


“Young Latinas like me are shaping the future of Nevada,” said Jiromi Peña, a Somos Votantes volunteer and President of the Hispanic Student Union at Rancho High School in Las Vegas who traveled to the Nevada State Legislature for the first time. “I never saw myself having the opportunity to visit, let alone actually talk to legislators in Carson City. I participated in Latino Lobby Day because I want my representatives to provide my community with more access to the beautiful landscapes that surround us by funding programs like the Outdoor Education and Recreation Program. Our health and wellbeing depend on it.”


The Latino Lobby Day was organized by Somos Votantes, the Nevada Latino Legislative Caucus and over 30 other community organizations that came together to advocate for a series of legislative priorities.


Interviews can be given in both English and Spanish, as requested.