Press Release

September 15, 2023


NEW BATTLEGROUND SURVEY: Democrats Hold Pivotal Opportunity to Galvanize Latino Voters Ahead of 2024 As GOP Immigration Agenda Alienates Voters

‍New Poll Shows Battleground Latino Voters Widely Support Administrative Action To Provide Legal Status and Work Permits to Immigrants in America, Boosting Enthusiasm Among Critical Voting Blocs

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Immigration Hub, Somos Votantes and UnidosUS Action Fund released the results of a new poll conducted by BSP Research that surveyed Latino voters in key battleground states (AZ, CO, FL, GA, NV, PA) and congressional districts in California, New York and Texas.

Results reveal that a majority of Latino voters reject a wide swath of anti-immigration policies more closely associated with Republicans, including deportation of Dreamers and undermining DACA and legal pathways, and view the GOP as hostile to immigrant communities. As growing calls from local elected leaders, members of Congress, civil rights groups, governors, and members of the business community continue to call on the Biden administration to use every tool at its disposal to provide more opportunities for immigrants in the U.S. to access work permits and protection from deportation – the poll demonstrates that an overwhelming majority of Latino voters favor President Biden taking swift administrative actions to provide legal pathways for undocumented immigrants, including Dreamers and other long-term residents. 

In fact, the results show that President Biden and Democrats have an opportunity to gain critical voters and increase enthusiasm among the Latino electorate by publicly socializing their balanced approach to the nation’s immigration system, contrasting their position against Republican hostile agenda, and delivering a path forward for immigrant workers currently in the country. These voters are sending a message that candidates that reject that toxic agenda, such as family separation, deporting Dreamers, and ending birthright citizenship, can increase support among these voters, and providing a strong contrast offering a balanced approach on immigration that involves orderly and humane border solutions and decisive action to support immigrants already living and working in the U.S. can energize that support.

Matt Barreto, BSP Research President and Co-Founder, who conducted the poll, stated, “Latino voters clearly reject Republican anti-immigrant policy. Latinos want to see Democrats deliver a balanced agenda on the issue of immigration, one that involves humane border solutions and secures legal pathways for long-settled immigrants like Dreamers and TPS holders to continue to live and work in the U.S. Motivating the Latino electorate will be key to electoral victories in 2024 and this poll shows a clear opportunity for candidates to activate battleground Latino voters in their favor by advancing popular immigration reforms.”

Highlights of Key Results Include:

  • Republicans have not made in-roads with battleground Latino voters on immigration. Survey results demonstrate that the majority of Latino voters do not support Republican policies and continue to view (61%) the GOP as hostile to immigrants and their contributions to the economy. A majority (61%) believe that Republicans are failing working families and dividing Americans by banning history books in schools and attacking reproductive rights and immigrant communities.
  • Candidates have an opportunity to gain critical votes and increase enthusiasm among battleground Latino voters by taking action for Dreamers and long-settled immigrant families in the U.S. and stressing a balanced approach to the nation’s immigration system. A strong majority (80%) of Latino voters continue to show overwhelming support for a balanced approach to the nation’s immigration system that includes humane and orderly border security and action to address Dreamers, long-settled immigrant families, and undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S.
  • A majority of Latino voters support President Biden taking administrative action to provide a path to legal status and work authorization to long-term immigrants, including Dreamers (77%), eligible TPS holders (85%) and undocumented workers (75%).
  • The Biden administration’s immigration policies are very popular (78%), offering Democrats a significant opportunity to demonstrate contrast with Republicans and win critical Latino voters. By articulating their position and contrasting against the GOP rhetoric and policies, President Biden and Democrats can increase Latino support dramatically.

“When it comes to the issues that are deeply personal to hardworking Latinos like the economy and immigration, one thing is clear: we want to build a good life for ourselves but need the tools and opportunities to do it,” said Melissa Morales, President and Founder of Somos Votantes. “Latino voters widely support President Biden and Democrats' balanced approach to immigration but urgently want to see and hear more. We can continue building an economy that works for all working people, including hardworking immigrants. And these poll results offer not only a clear path forward but the tools we need to strengthen our message when talking to Latino voters ahead of 2024.”

Beatriz Lopez, Deputy Director of the Immigration Hub added, “Taking administrative actions that offer a path forward for long-settled and newly arrived immigrants are not just popular among Latino voters, they are vital policies that will help unlock critical Latino votes in battleground states, like Arizona and Nevada, where victories are won at the margins and motivating the Latino electorate is key to victory. Congress has not acted and Republican candidates and extremist legislators will continue to play to their base. With support on their side, President Biden and Democrats should meet the moment and deliver galvanizing immigration solutions that will allow immigrants and their communities to thrive.”

Rafael Collazo, Executive Director of UnidosUS Action Fund, remarked: “Immigration continues to be a ‘litmus test’ issue that provides Democrats an opportunity to successfully engage Latino voters. While economic concerns remain a top issue for Latinos in the aftermath of the pandemic, Latinos are calling on President Biden and Democrats to courageously support solutions that balance common sense legalization policies with effective and humane border enforcement. Latino voters also soundly reject extreme Republican policies that demonize Latinos/immigrants. Latinos are working hard to support their families—including mixed status families—and want candidates and elected officials to work just as hard to resolve our nation’s challenges.”