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June 6, 2024


Somos PAC Intervenes to Protect Nevadans From RFK Jr’s Attempt to Force Himself onto Nevada’s General Election Ballot

The Latino-focused PAC, Which Runs the Largest Independent Latino Voter Engagement Programs in the Country, Takes Decisive Step to Intervene in RFK Jr’s Efforts to Undermine Nevada’s Election Laws

Las Vegas, NV (June 6, 2024) - Today, Somos PAC filed to intervene in a lawsuit by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign against Nevada’s Secretary of State in which he attempts to circumvent Nevada state law and force himself on the ballot this November. The campaign’s lawsuit filed late last week alleges that Nevada’s requirement that independent candidates must name their running mate by the time they start gathering signatures for ballot access is unconstitutional.

Somos PAC’s filing outlines how allowing RFK Jr. to be placed on the 2024 presidential ballot despite his failure to comply with clear Nevada law will frustrate Somos PAC’s mission and divert resources from crucial programs. The requirement was established to protect Nevadans as it ensures signatories know exactly which candidates they are petitioning to place on the ballot. Earlier this year, RFK Jr.’s campaign was collecting signatures across the Silver State yet failed to name who his running mate would be.

“No one is above law, which is why today Somos PAC decided to push back on RFK Jr.’s desperate attempts to sidestep well-established law that protects hardworking Nevadans,” said Melissa Morales, President and Founder of Somos PAC. “Ballot access laws are an essential pillar of our community and our democracy that safeguards voters and ensures they are informed on who they are petitioning to be on November’s ballot. If RFK Jr.’s campaign cared about hardworking Nevadans, they would put all their efforts into collecting signatures and going through the proper channels to be included on the ballot while there is still plenty of time. Instead, he and his campaign have chosen not to do that. For several election cycles, Somos PAC has devoted resources to ensuring voters in Nevada have the information they need to fully participate in our democracy. And our commitment to that effort will continue.”


About Somos PAC

Somos PAC, a sister organization to Somos Votantes, is a Latino-led, Latino-focused organization dedicated to electing progressive candidates. Somos PAC was created to help raise funds to support and invest in candidates who prioritize the needs of the Latino community.

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