Press Release

March 18, 2024


Somos Pilares Launches $1.5 Million Dollar Bilingual Ad Campaign in Texas’ 15th Congressional District

The Paid Media Campaign Features Small Business Owners in TX-15 Urging Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz to Support Legislation That Makes Life More Affordable for Hardworking Texans

SEGUIN, TX (March 18, 2024)  – Today, Somos Pilares launched a $1.5 million bilingual paid-media campaign featuring small business owners in Texas’ 15th Congressional District urging Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz to stop voting to raise costs, protect the Inflation Reduction Act, and to support legislation that makes life more affordable for hardworking Texans. Two weeks ago, Congresswoman De La Cruz delivered the Spanish-language Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address, bringing a national spotlight to Texas’s 15th Congressional District.

The bilingual ad campaign highlights Congresswoman De La Cruz’s voting record, which includes voting to cut access to Social Security and Medicare and voting to cut programs working people count on, which would have raised the costs of health care, housing, and groceries. The ad campaign includes TV, radio, digital, and direct mail outreach and is part of an ongoing effort to uplift the stories and concerns of working people, including hardworking Latinos, in TX-15.

"Hardworking Texans are focused on providing their families with the tools and opportunities they need to build a good life, and they expect their congresswoman to do the same," said Melissa Morales, Founder and President of Somos Votantes. "But while working people struggle to make ends meet, Congresswoman Monica De La Cruz votes to make life less affordable. That is why we are committed to empowering working people, including hardworking Latinos, across Texas' 15th Congressional District to speak out, make their voices heard, and put pressure on their elected officials to support the policies they care about."

“My business has been in my family for generations, and with it my dad passed down the virtue of hard work,” said Sandy Carrillo, owner of GC Floors in Seguin TX who is featured in the paid media campaign. “Along with working hard, he taught me the importance of speaking up for my community. That’s why hardworking Texans like us are asking our congresswoman to fight for us. What we want is more opportunities, more resources, definitely not less.”

Somos Pilares was launched by Somos Votantes in October of 2023 and has collected over 1,000 stories from working people in Texas’ 15th Congressional District, including over 500 video, photo, and other testimonials. The multi-million dollar people-centered campaign is focused on uplifting the stories of working people in TX-15, and ensuring more hardworking Texans are empowered with the tools and opportunities they need to speak out. Somos Votantes, which runs some of the largest independent Latino engagement programs in the country, works to empower hardworking Latinos to fully participate in our democracy by taking action in their own communities.


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