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June 1, 2024


Somos Votantes Hosts Querida Madre, Celebrating Hard Working Mothers in Las Vegas

Voters Come Out and Pledge Support to Democrats Committed to Bettering the Lives of Working Families in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV (June 1, 2024) — Today, Somos Votantes hosted Querida Madre, a celebration to honor local hard-working mothers, at Casa Tlaquepaque in Las Vegas, NV. The celebration featured free food, music, and entertainment and hosted over 70 guests. To honor these mothers' unwavering dedication to bettering their families' lives, Somos Votantes called on guests to vote this November and support candidates such as President Biden, who are committed to bettering the lives of local working families.

“We are proud to be gathering to celebrate our queridas madres,  the heart of our families and community. Definitivamente, no hay amor como el amor de una madre '' said Melissa Morales, Founder and President of Somos Votantes. “Querida Madre is our celebration to recognize and honor all of the hardworking mamas in Las Vegas, those who show up every day and give us their warmth, strength, and undeniable wisdom, passed down through generations. We thank them for their unfaltering guidance and inspiration. Their unconditional support and hard work inspire us to remember to go out and vote this November 5th, and vote for leaders who are as committed as them to supporting our families.”

“Our Querida Madre event is not just a celebration of the moms in our community, it is a pledge to honor their unconditional love and support by voting for leaders who are committed to providing our families with the economic tools and opportunities to build a better life,” said Angel Lazcano, Nevada Program Director for Somos Votantes. “Our mothers work tirelessly every day to support us, they deserve to have leaders that are looking out for them and their families.”

“It is beautiful to see our community come together to celebrate their moms, ” said Fabiola Avelino, who participated in the Querida Madre event. “As a mom, all you want is the best for your family, and that includes having politicians who are looking out for you and have your family’s best interest at heart. My sons are looking forward to voting on Election Day and doing our part to support President Biden and all of the candidates who are looking out for hardworking families like ours.”



About Somos Votantes

Somos Votantes is a Latino-led, Latino-focused organization that runs some of the largest independent Latino civic and voter engagement programs in the country. We envision a nation where hardworking Latinos have the opportunities and tools to fully participate in our democracy. Somos Votantes seeks to empower hardworking Latinos in shaping the future of our democracy, primarily through non-partisan civic engagement programs, by increasing our participation in elections and advocating for progressive policies.

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